• _Appetisers

    • Fattoush salad (vegetarian)

      Fattoush salad (vegetarian)


      (Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, garlic with lemon or vinegar sauce and olive oil)

    • Cabbage Salad (vegan) (Gluten free)

      Cabbage Salad (vegan) (Gluten free)


      (Cabbage, died mint, garlic, lemon sauce, and olive oil)

    • Itch salad (vegan)

      Itch salad (vegan)


      (Burgul, parsley, tomato, onion, olive oil, red pepper pomegranate sauce)

    • Hummus (vegan) (Gluten free)

      Hummus (vegan) (Gluten free)

    • Mutabal (vegan) (Gluten free)

      Mutabal (vegan) (Gluten free)

    • Khilat (vegetarian) (Gluten free)

      Khilat (vegetarian) (Gluten free)


      (Beetroots, Tahini, garlic, and yogurt)

    • Muhammara (vegan)

      Muhammara (vegan)


      (Red peppers, crushed bread crumbs, pomegranate sauce, olive oil, and special spices)

    • _Sweets

    • Maamool (3 pieces box) (vegetarian)

      Maamool (3 pieces box) (vegetarian)


      (Special pastry stuffed with date, Walnut, Pistachio nut, or almond)

    • Baklawa (2 pieces box) (vegetarian)

      Baklawa (2 pieces box) (vegetarian)


      (Special pastry stuffed with Pistachio nut)

    • Qatayef (2 pieces box) (vegetarian)

      Qatayef (2 pieces box) (vegetarian)


      (Special pastry stuffed with walnut)

    • Harisa (2 pieces box) (vegetarian)

      Harisa (2 pieces box) (vegetarian)


      (Flour, Sugar, coconut, almond)

    • Gazarieh (box) (vegan) (Gluten free)

      Gazarieh (box) (vegan) (Gluten free)


      (Crushed carrot balls with sugar and coconut)

    • Petit fours (box)

      Petit fours (box)


      (Special pastry)

    • _Main Dishes

    • Ouzi



      (Rice, meat, peas, nuts, and especial spices)

    • Kubba



      (Meat, crashed wheat, onion, and special spices)

    • Kabab



      (Meat, crashed wheat with special spices)

    • Sfiha



      (Special pastry stuffed with meat and special spices)

    • Fatayer (vegetarian)

      Fatayer (vegetarian)

      $2 small, $8 big

      (Special pastry stuffed with cheese, special thyme mix, special hot sauce, or spinach)

    • Chicken in clay pot

      Chicken in clay pot

      $14 small, $22 big

      Chicken, potato, lemon, garlic, and special spices

    • Mujaddara (vegan) (Gluten free)

      Mujaddara (vegan) (Gluten free)


      (Lentils and rice with oil)

    • Mom’s meal (vegan) (Gluten free)

      Mom’s meal (vegan) (Gluten free)


      (Eggplant, zucchini, tomato, onion and rice)

    • Shish tawook

      Shish tawook


      (Grilled Chicken with special spices and rice)

    • Damasquino meal

      Damasquino meal



    • Falafel (vegan) (Gluten free)

      Falafel (vegan) (Gluten free)


      (Chickpeas, onion, garlic, special spices)